Thursday, July 29, 2010

When we laugh

When was the last time you really laughed yourself to tears? Laughter helps us to unload the burdens of the soul. Laughter eases pain, kills bitterness, overcomes anger, destroys resentment, prevents hypertension and most blood related cases. Laughter is an outward expression of inward joy and happiness. Laughter is the product of genuine excitement. You cannot laugh and hate at the same time. you cannot laugh and be bitter, you cannot even laugh and be sick. Laughter has healing properties. it eases pains, and releases positive emotions to take charge of your body mechanism.
Laugh at your silly mistakes which we all have. Laugh at the funny things you did childhood. Laugh at the jokes you 've heard or read about. Laugh when someone or something is funny. Laugh in a funny way. Laugh with your friends, it will draw them closer to you. Laughter throws down the iron wall that stands between two strangers. Laughter is contagious, it binds people together and boosts energy levels of those involved.
Laughter releases endorphin, which causes your whole body to feel good. Laughter is fun. Laughter boosts your immune system, relaxes your body, and protects your heart.
Guard your heart! Practice humor!! laugh a lot!!! It will change your world, it will change the way you look.
Thats what happens when we laugh.
Effa Emmanuel

Monday, July 5, 2010

Remember and be remembered

It's amazing how much attention we pay to memorial services, and how much energy and money we spend to remember the dead, while we forget the living and their deeds of love and kindness. We go through all kinds of troubles to remember the dead, and there is nothing wrong with this, but we rarely remembered to thank them, love them, or even recognize them while they were alive.
I believe that lying deep in the heart of everyman is the need for recognition. The need to be loved, and remembered while they are alive. When we do that, it will inspire people to do more, and live more.
When was the last time you remembered someone who has done you some good in the past, to send them a note, a mail, or even give them a call? can you imagine what difference that will make in the life of that person? Just imagine someone calling you from the blues and reminding you of something nice you did to them a long time ago. You may even have forgotten, but then, they remind you and thank you for it. Imagine the feeling of love and appreciation that you will feel, knowing that they didn't have to do that.
It's great to remember the good deeds of the dead, but even greater to remeember the good deeds of the living.
Remember someone today for their good, and you too will be remembered.
Enjoy the rest of the month of July for it your month of rest!