Thursday, June 24, 2010


An indisciplined life is not worth living. Discipline is the ability to constrain oneself to adhere to certain rules, in order to achieve a set goal.
Life always makes room for discipline. if you don't discipline yourself, you will be disciplined by nature, situation, or circumstances. Sometimes even by organizations or other people.
You can either pay now and play latter, or play now and pay latter, which ever way, payment is inevitable in life. Those who refuse to discipline themselves when they where young end up being disciplined by circumstances of life when they get older. In life, there are many examinations to pass, if you keep postponing them, you will keep carrying over that particular course.
Indiscipline breaks marriages, foils good plans, destroys friendships and relationships, kills the best of intentions, and can sometimes result in premature death.
A little discipline today, can save your tomorrow.
Examine yourself and see if you are disciplined.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I think one of the greatest needs of man is the need to be understood. many times, we lack the words to express what we truly mean to say. Sometimes, we end up using the wrong choice of words, the wrong facial expressions, or the wrong body language, and we end up being judged wrongly.
Lying deep in every one of us is a strong desire, a need to be understood. we wish that our spouses, children, siblings, friends, and even enemies will understand that our intentions are different from our actions. 'Man judges from outward appearance, but God sees the heart', and because man is the one that we have to deal with daily, our outward appearances (which for the most are inadequate expressions of our inward impressions) form the basis of people's perception of us.
As you read this blog today, i pray that you will be understood more by the people around you, and i pray also that you will seek to understand the people around you before you take any action.
Have a great week ahead.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Be Thankful

Gratitude is the attitude that changes your altitude. A thankful heart opens doors for more blessings. Man in recent times seems to has forgotten the place of thanksgiving in the scheme of live.
We murmur, complain, grind our teeth and squeeze our faces when things don't seem to our way. but as soon as things start working the way we had imagined they would, we forget to be grateful, and just carry on as if nothing happened.
But gratitude can make the difference. Gratitude to all men for the roles they play in our lives. gratitude to God for his love towards us, gratitude to our friends for always being there for us,gratitude to our enemies for always keeping us on guard.
Gratitude will expand your latitude and increase your altitude.
Be thankful. it helps.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be encouraged

Discouragement is every leader's nightmare. Discouragement is no respecter of age, title, or color. It happens to the rich, the poor, the healthy, and the sick. Discouragement has no regard for kings or nobles. it is not mindful of one's academic qualification, or geographical location.
But mighty as discouragement may seem, it is overpowered by a simple word. a kind word, an uplifting word. it is called encouragement. Say something nice to yourself today and always. say something nice to someone, it is the panacea to discouragement.
When discouragement points you to sunset, remind yourself of sunrise. when it tells you that there is nothing to live for, remind it that you did not send yourself to the earth, and therefore the one who sent you here still has something in store for you. He is not through with you yet.
when you are afraid and discouraged, remind yourself that you were once a little child who couldn't care for itself, and yet God took care of you, He will continue to take care of you now and always, because you belong to him.
Be encouraged.